1900: Antoni Gaudí begins construction of Park Güell, his most ambitious urban development project.
1903-1905: The Park Güell show house, designed by Francesc Berenguer i Mestres, is completed.
1906: On August 14, Gaudí’s father, Francesc Gaudí i Serra, acquires the show house.
1906: Antoni Gaudí, his father and his niece move into the show house.
1906: On October 29, Gaudí’s father, Francesc Gaudí i Serra, dies.
1912: On January 11, the architect’s niece, Rosa Egea i Gaudí, dies.
1914: Work on Park Güell stops.
1925: Antoni Gaudí moves into the Sagrada Família workshop.
1926: On April 26, Park Güell is opened as a public park.
1926: On June 10, Antoni Gaudí dies three days after being run over by a tram.
1926: On December 30, Chiappo Sala family buys the Gaudí House in Park Güell.
1939: On September 11, Francesc Chiappo Arietti dies.
1948: On January 24, Chiappo’s widow, Josefina Sala Barucchi, dies heirless. The house is never again inhabited..
1963: On September 28, the Gaudí House Museum opens to the public.
1969: Park Güell is declared as site of national cultural interest.
1984: UNESCO catalogues Park Güell as World Heritage.
1992: The Construction Board of La Sagrada Família Foundation takes possession of the Gaudí House Museum.
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