On this very day, June 25 in 1852, Antoni Gaudí i Cornet was born (25/06/2014)

Born into a family of boiler-makers, Antoni Gaudí was the youngest of five children. He was baptised the day after his birth at the Church of Sant Pere in Reus, the town where he grew up. He also spent long periods at his father’s family farmhouse, Mas de la Calderera, in the nearby village of Riudoms, where he could observe nature.

At the age of 16, Gaudí moved to Barcelona, where he studied architecture and created most of his works. Nevertheless, his creative universe was always marked by the forms and colours of the Mediterranean landscape of his childhood and the great spatial vision that he acquired thanks to being the “son, grandson and great-grandson of boiler-makers”, as he himself used to say.

On this very day, June 10 in 1926, Antoni Gaudí i Cornet died (10/06/2014)

In the evening of 7 June 1926, Gaudí was knocked down by a tram at the corner of Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and Carrer de Bailèn whilst, as was his custom, walking from La Sagrada Família to the Church of Sant Felip Neri in the centre of Barcelona. No one recognised him at the time and, due to his aspect, he was mistaken for a beggar. He was taken to the Hospital of La Santa Creu, where he died three days later, surrounded by friends and authorities.

Gaudí was buried on June 12 in the Chapel of Carmen in the crypt of La Sagrada Família. His funeral cortège, which followed a route around much of the city, was accompanied by a huge crowd of people come to bid their last farewell to the architect.

ATTENTION! Regulation of the Monumental Zone of Park Güell (25/10/2013)

From 25 October 2013, Barcelona City Council regulates the Monumental Zone of Park Güell, which occupies 7.9 % of the total area of the park. Visitors will have to purchase a ticket to enter this zone. Local residents from the neighbourhoods adjacent to Park Güell have free entry to it using a free-access card. For further information, please click here:

It should be noted that the Gaudi House Museum is located outside the regulated zone and therefore, in the free access area of the park. For further information about admission prices for the Gaudí House Museum, please click here

The Gaudi House Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary! (28/09/2013)

This house, that was the residence of Antoni Gaudi in Park Güell, was officially opened as the Gaudi House Museum on 28 September 1963 coinciding with the Barcelona’s main festival, La Mercè.


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