Park Güell

The Gaudí House Museum, which is owned by the Construction Board of La Sagrada Família Foundation, forms part of Park Güell, a site that is currently a park managed by Barcelona City Council.

At around the turn of the 20th century, Eusebi Güell i Bacigalupi (1846-1918) commissioned the architect Antoni Gaudí to draw up the project for Park Güell. This park was to be a closed, gardened residential development with around sixty houses in the heights of Barcelona. In order to encourage sales of plots on which to build houses, a show home was built, and this is now occupied by the Gaudí House Museum.

The real estate venture was unsuccessful and, on the death of Eusebi Güell in 1918, his heirs offered it to Barcelona City Council, which purchased and opened the site as a public park in April 1926.

Spain declared Park Güell of national cultural interest in 1969, whilst UNESCO added the park to its list of World Heritage sites in 1984.

Since October 2013, Barcelona City Council has regulated the Monumental Zone at Park Güell, and those wishing to visit this area must first purchase a ticket (further information: However, the Gaudí House Museum is located outside the regulated zone, in the area of free access to the park. Tickets to the Gaudí House Museum and for the Monumental Zone at Park Güell are sold separately.

A bird's-eye view
The Gaudí House Museum from the air

Remembering Gaudí…
Behind the architect is the man