The collection

The idea of establishing a museum devoted to Antoni Gaudí had been discussed since 1926, when the Catalan architect died. This idea came to fruition with the opening of the Gaudí House Museum in 1963, two years after the creation of the Sagrada Família Museum.


From the first, the Gaudí House Museum has focused on illustrating the life and work of Gaudí above and beyond his status as an architect. For this reason, over the years furniture that he designed has been acquired, as well as objects and documents linked to his life. This collection is completed by outstanding objects designed by his collaborators.

Since the Construction Board of La Sagrada Família Foundation acquired the Gaudí House Museum in 1922, the works conserved at this site and the basilica have been merged into a single collection.

The facsimile of the Batlló bench
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