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The garden in the Gaudí House Museum is an open-air museum featuring several objects designed by Antoni Gaudí. Particularly interesting are the wrought-iron pieces, such as the cross from the Miralles estate, the grilles from the ground floor of Casa Milà and a section of the grille from Casa Vicens. Other objects include the trencadís ceramic panels made for Park Güell and the Cosmos sculpture from the Nativity Façade of the Sagrada Família.

Gaudí, who used iron both in the structures of his buildings and in such features as grilles, railings, doors and furniture, was familiar with wrought-iron work, as both his father and his maternal grandfather were boiler-makers.

A pergola formed by parabolic arches covers the path around the house. Gaudí probably designed this feature in order to gain more privacy.

The terrace is on the second floor of the building, which is currently occupied by the offices of the Gaudí House Museum. For reasons of safety and accessibility, the terrace is not open to the public.

The virtual visit gives users a close-up view of the sgraffito work on the façade, the roof over the first-floor gallery and the two chimneys adorned by trencadís mosaics.

For reasons of safety, conservation and accessibility, the tower is not open to the public.

The tower is reached from the second floor by a wooden spiral staircase with a simple iron banister. At the end of these stairs is a space surrounded by windows, commanding a 360-degree view over Park Güell and the city of Barcelona. The tower is crowned by a green, conical roof.

The cold room was used to keep food and drink fresh. It is located in the basement of the building, but is not open to the public due to reasons of safety, conservation and accessibility. The cold room is a 14-metre-long blind corridor, equipped to store different foodstuffs.

Part of the basement was formerly occupied by a boiler, which was fuelled by coal and wood. This area now contains the Gaudí House Museum shop, whose entrance is the garden, through large double wooden doors.

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The Gaudí House Museum from the air

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